Climbing Training Board

A few years ago my brother gave me a training board for Christmas, and then it got lost in the garage during a move… After a 9 month hiatus from climbing I have finally started going to the gym again and this weekend I decided it was time to finally put this thing to use!

The version I got was the Simulator 3D™. It is an awesome training device that has a ton of different holds to practice on. On their website they suggest that the board be placed above a door, however there is not enough ceiling space available in our condo to allow for this, so I had to get imaginative. I decided to build a simple box to offset the board from the wall.

I forgot to take photos during the building process, but have a few of the assembly process. The final product consists of two 2 x 6 beams attached to a front, back and side panels cut from ¾” plywood. A few screws later (~32 3” deck screws should do) I had an indestructible box. I then applied two coats of black spray paint to match the board.

Assembly consisted of attaching the board to the front panel of the board and then removing the panel to allow for attaching the back half of the box to the wall. I then screwed the back panel to the wall with a healthy 10 more screws (this thing is not coming down). After the box was attached to the wall I simply re-attached the front panel and the board was ready for a test run!